On 15 September 1938 Neville Chamberlain met Adolf Hitler at Berchtesgaden and agreed to let him annex the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia. Three days later Edouard Daladier added France’s consent. On 30 September the UK and France signed the Munich Agreement with Germany. In 1938 Czechoslovakia was the last surviving democracy in central Europe. Every […]

Early on Monday 18 June 2018 three young men were killed by a train at Loughborough Junction in south London. Family, friends, fans, newspapers and a magazine have paid tribute to Alberto Fresneda Carrasco (19), Jack Gilbert and Harrison Scott-Hood (each 23), who had got onto a railway viaduct in order to paint graffiti. They […]

For decades there have been concerns that BBC news and current affairs programmes are politically biased. In the 1980s Conservatives accused the BBC of opposing Thatcher, while trade unions accused it of pro-management bias in the 1984–85 miners’ strike and 1986 News International dispute. The BBC contented itself with the blandishment that “if we are […]

Overcrowding has been endemic on Britain’s railways since time out of mind. And this is not due to who owns our railways. Britain’s railways have never provided enough coaches with enough seats on all routes to meet demand. This is true of not only the two decades since privatisation in 1995 but also the five […]

My grandfather on my Mother’s side was Albert Stocker, the eldest of four brothers born in Battersea in the 1880s and 1890s. His youngest brother was Arthur. By the time the First World War broke out at the end of July 1914, Albert was already a corporal in the Territorial Army but his three brothers […]

Officially Shai Masot is a junior member of staff at the Israeli Embassy in London. In fact he is an Israeli agent and army officer who was plotting to create a scandal to destroy the career of junior foreign minister Alan Duncan. He was plotting with Maria Strizzolo, who until today worked for Robert Halfon MP, […]

The Department for Transport today announced that it is “deferring” Great Western main line electrification to Bristol, Oxford, Henley and Windsor. It aims to reach Cardiff in 2019, Swansea in 2024 and presumably Newbury in 2017, but the rest of the project is shelved. Rail minister Paul Maynard has given no dates for resuming the […]