Officially Shai Masot is a junior member of staff at the Israeli Embassy in London. In fact he is an Israeli agent and army officer who was plotting to create a scandal to destroy the career of junior foreign minister Alan Duncan.

He was plotting with Maria Strizzolo, who until today worked for Robert Halfon MP, a senior member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Since he was elected in May 2010, Halfon has asked 65 Parliamentary questions on behalf of the State of Israel. Many of these questions came from the Israeli Embassy via Strizzolo.

An undercover Al Jazeera team has exposed Masot and Strizzolo plotting to “take down” Alan Duncan, who criticises crimes committed by Israel. In particular he opposes the illegal settlements in which at least 750,000 Israelis now live in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, violating the Fourth Geneva Convention.


Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev has “apologised” for Masot’s “unacceptable” conduct. But Regev is a serial liar who for several years was Prime Minister Netanyahu’s personal spin doctor. Regev’s apologies are worthless.

Had any other nation plotted to “take down” a UK government minister, the UK would have had a very serious diplomatic clash with that country. Had it been, for example, Russia or Iran, the UK would have expelled the agent and everyone suspected collaborating with him. It is not clear whether Strizzolo is a UK or foreign citizen. If the latter, the UK would have expelled her too.

The Foreign Secretary would “carpet” that country’s Ambassador to London and temporarily recall the UK Ambassador to that country, which would more or less force that country to do the same with its ambassador to London.

But the UK government prioritises Zionism above everything, including our national security. Boris Johnson is calling the matter “closed”. He and Theresa May cannot be trusted to take the necessary action against Israel.


As our Government is supine, the Opposition must hold it to account. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry is already asking questions. She ought to challenge Boris with them in Parliament. She should demand that he expel the Israeli intelligence team of which Shai Masot is clearly part. She should question Strizzolo’s links with both Robert Halfon and the Israeli Embassy. And she should tell Boris to carpet Regev and temporarily recall Ambassador David Quarrey from Tel Aviv to London.

Labour should not be left to do the job alone. Every other party in Parliament, including the SNP, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru and Greens, should do likewise.

Zionism is fundamentally against the UK’s best interests both abroad and at home. Israel is a false friend to the UK and a thoroughly duplicitous “ally”. Zionist attempts to undermine the UK parliament must be not only exposed but firmly punished.


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