A Department for Transport civil servant has made a provocative and untruthful attack on train drivers. Peter Wilkinson is the DfT’s Director of Rail Franchising. His curriculum vitae presents him as a railway manager whose career has passed to and fro via a revolving door between railway companies and the DfT. On 18 February at […]

BDS is “boycott, divestment and sanctions”: a peaceful movement to force Israel to stop occupying East Jerusalem and the West Bank and recognise the Palestinian state. BDS believes that the right way to stop Israel’s illegal colonisation of the occupied territories is diplomacy and grassroots consumer action, not suicide attacks and Hamas rockets. BDS is specific. […]

Some types of rail fare are far higher in Britain than anywhere else in Europe. It is hard for comparisons to be exact, as UK rail fares are not determined by a rigid formula of so many pence per mile. But season tickets, and ordinary single or return tickets bought for travel the same day, are about 70% […]

Israel’s racist, war-mongering prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, is due to visit the United Kingdom in September 2015. On the UK Parliament petitions website there is a petition asking the Government to have him arrested on suspicion of war crimes when he arrives. At the time of writing it has almost 75,000 signatures, and the number is rapidly […]

On 12 August the Daily Mirror reported that the Labour Party will continue to investigate new members and registered supporters until 10 September, in order to expel “entryists” who have joined to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. It may allow them to vote, but then tell the independent Electoral Reform Services to delete their votes. MY […]

Richard Parry-Jones has resigned after almost three years as Chairman of Network Rail. He has borne full responsibility for its cost under-estimates and poor project management, which have, for example, seen Great Western electrification go £800 million over-budget and fall at least a year behind schedule. PATRICK McLOUGHLIN So why is Patrick McLoughlin still Transport […]

The BBC quotes “rail industry insiders” saying that the cost of electrifying the Great Western Main Line has risen to £1.74bn and is running a year late. This is old news, as Labour challenged Network Rail and the Coalition in September 2014 on rumours of a cost overrun. Network Rail quickly admitted it, and two months later its chief Mark […]